Poem-An Elephant in my tree

It was on a Wednesday,  at about quarter past three. That my neighbour came rushing,  around to see me. “Have you looked”, “Have you seen?” She shouted at me. “What’s the matter?”, I asked “What do you want me to see?” “Out there! Come and look, Just look up, at that tree!” Well I couldn’t […]

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Poem-A Shamans Prayer

Come stand in the circle, Hold your drum to the sky. And beat for the souls,  that are too bound to die. Drum hard for those people, afraid to open and see. Remember their fear, For that once too was me. Together as sisters and brothers we stand. Around our souls fire, On mother earths, […]

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Thoughts- Writers Block

I haven’t written for a nearly a week now. At first I would have argued that it was because I didn’t have enough time but now if I actually sit with the truth of that statement, there maybe more to it than that. So what I’m thinking happened is: I’ve started telling people about my […]

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Poem- Growing up

Today is for breathing, With a mind looking back. Questioning, deceiving, the memories of a past. That belonged to an ‘I’ that never really was. Demons from fantasy, shame and hidden lust. Ambitious competition with friends, that never were. All clinging to the fragile raft, of illusionistic, social blur. No sense beyond the hormones, lipstick […]

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  Stand up, Stand up, my little, inner child. Rise through your fear and ghostly lies. It’s in the darkness, your nightmares feed. So let’s dance instead, beneath starrier skies. -Doris

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Thoughts- Over spending

Today I don’t know what it is I’m planning on writing. So rather than not writing, I’m going to start and see where I end up. Maybe my subconscious has more of an idea anyway. I’ve burnt my finger, by stupidly picking up an empty glass dish, that I had unwittingly left cooking on top […]

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