Diary- Boob Flash

Ahh the wonders of technology. Isn’t wonderful that you can now have your iMessages pop up, onto your computer screen, to be accessed anytime, even whilst at work.  So should your wife decide to send you a lovely little message, you can instantly read about how loved and appreciated you are and reply instantly. However […]

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I’m back…despite the rules!

I’ve not written in ages. Initially I want to argue that it’s because half term (2 weeks long in Elizabeth case) has gone on for ever and I don’t feel that I have had time but secretly I think it’s more that.  The truth is, I haven’t had the inclination and that bothers me. It […]

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Poem-To be

I sing because I am merry And I dance because I am free. To frolic and play, Maybe a child’s wish away. But I cannot deny, This is me.

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Poem-An Elephant in my tree

It was on a Wednesday,  at about quarter past three. That my neighbour came rushing,  around to see me. “Have you looked”, “Have you seen?” She shouted at me. “What’s the matter?”, I asked “What do you want me to see?” “Out there! Come and look, Just look up, at that tree!” Well I couldn’t […]

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