Poem- I am here

I stand at the top, with a mountain beneath me, It is not the first or the last, I will climb. I stand here alone, for that is all, that we can be. The price to be paid, to breathe this moment in time. Yet I stand unafraid, Though the wind may feel lonely And […]

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Precious moments

My little girl is currently snuggled up in a ball, tucked up, underneath under her fathers giant duvet, fast asleep. She has spent the day throwing her little guts up, after succumbing to the latest winter bug of destruction.  I’m laying on the bed next to her, my bedside lamp is softly glowing in the […]

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I wander through my darkness. The only footsteps are my own. The single voice, is within my head. Yet, I never walk alone.

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How do we take a pictures of the soul? Richard and I were having one of our many chats the other day and we were discussing the fact that I was having a selfie paddy because, I believe that I don’t photograph well and I really don’t understand what the magical secret to doing so […]

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Diary- Boob Flash

Ahh the wonders of technology. Isn’t wonderful that you can now have your iMessages pop up, onto your computer screen, to be accessed anytime, even whilst at work.  So should your wife decide to send you a lovely little message, you can instantly read about how loved and appreciated you are and reply instantly. However […]

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