I really struggle with accepting my limits, knowing when to push myself, when to rest and how to function as a ‘normal’ person. Sometimes, just remembering to be kind and allowing myself, to rest, repair and be patient, gives me the opportunity to fight again tomorrow. But it’s not easy and takes courage to own […]

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Doug and the Pug

I don’t seem to be doing much actual blogging at the moment. I’m spending a bit of time coming to terms with the diagnosis of Behçet’s and I haven’t wanted to write about it or anything else for that matter. I’m slowly becoming the right side of up and out of my emotional thunk. But […]

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Are you one of the Few?

It is sadly but the few, who bravely choose to look, within their own internal mirror. And with courage in their hearts. Ask the difficult questions required, to truly know themselves. It is fewer still, who will not only look but then choose, to keep going. Digging deeper, finding the strength, of will required, to […]

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