I really struggle with accepting my limits, knowing when to push myself, when to rest and how to function as a ‘normal’ person. Sometimes, just remembering to be kind and allowing myself, to rest, repair and be patient, gives me the opportunity to fight again tomorrow. But it’s not easy and takes courage to own […]

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This has been a tough post for me and a bit of a leap of faith, as for years I had battled with body dysmorphia and acceptance within myself, how I looked on the outside and how I felt about myself on the inside. I have spent years redefining myself, creating the ‘perfect’ acceptable me […]

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The Morning Parent

I love my duvet and on a flare day, it’s welcoming embrace brings a comfort that struggle to relinquish. However my children are a refreshing tonic for wallowing, being instantly full of zest and energy, bounding into my crusty world at 6.30am because the tooth fairy has been and there are now treasures to be […]

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I’m drawing on my past as a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner here and playing around with the gift of metaphors. Sometimes I struggle to linearly capture all that I have to say. My internal mind seems to function on some, inner crazy, spider diagram model (the type we used as kids, at school). One central […]

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