Are you one of the Few?

It is sadly but the few,

who bravely choose to look,

within their own internal mirror.

And with courage in their hearts.

Ask the difficult questions required,

to truly know themselves.

It is fewer still,

who will not only look

but then choose,

to keep going.

Digging deeper,

finding the strength,

of will required,

to accept,

who they are,

who they are not

and who they can never be.

It will take grit

to change the conflicting behaviours,

they perceive.

The beliefs kept safe,

throughout their fledgling, vulnerability

and patience,

to find the peace,

with the ‘who’

they finally understand themselves,

to authentically be.

Fewer than that,

will go on…

mining still,

discovering the place,



they can honestly speak,

that they can and do,


love and honour the person,

standing within themselves.


though all that they are

and all that they know,

will come to an end, upon this journey.

It is these brave few.

These warrior pioneers,

who by choosing,

to sit within their own discomfort

and embrace her darkest truths.




to access the true,


inner-brilliance of themselves.

Awakening to this knowing

of their soul’s truth,

and finally gaining access,

to humanity’s, truest birth right.

The gift of one’s own,



and joyous light.

Once claimed…

All of society’s,

self-imposing prisons,

can but cease to have purpose.

For shame will no longer contain them.

Cages will crumble

and the bars will set alight.

Then my friends,


These few…

These magnificent, daring few…

Will really start to shine.

So brightly.

That the whole world,

cannot fail

but perceive their dazzling brilliance,

their courage,

their spark,

their voice.

Speaking with universal power.

Ablaze in its own, honest glory.


It is the beacon of these few,

whose embers fall amongst the many…

Who provide the power, to ignite hope, within the husks of humanity’s apathy…

sparking courage,

within each silenced soul.





Eventually it begins…

Spreading like a wild fire,

amongst those cold and hungry for change.

The world as we know it will cease to turn and time will stand still.

Change is coming.

But it begins within,

not without.

Within love

Not without it.

Within self.

Not without you.

It only takes a few…


10 thoughts on “Are you one of the Few?

    1. Hi Janet, I completely agree with you. I thoroughly believe that there is a new drum beat playing and change is coming…it’s exciting and I guess I just want to do my part to pass on the torch. Thank you for reading and for sharing your thoughts with me 💕


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