Rant- Oh Bogies

Lurgy lurgy everywhere

With more, than a drop,

of snot to spare.

Tissue statues everywhere.

And I’m not going anywhere.

I hate being sick!!!

I honestly don’t mind having, the occasional lurgy day, that forces you into seeking refuge from the world…snuggling under the duvet and watching crappy films on Netflix.

But then I expect that the next morning, I will wake up refreshed (both physically and emotionally), bright eyed and bushy of tail, with just enough remnant, telltale signs of snot and stuffiness, to present as proof to the outside world, validating my temporary relief from the rat race.

But this…this 3 month on and off, bloody tribute to the gods of snots and sniffles is getting beyond ridiculous!!! Ahhhg

I’m seriously hacked off now.

I have lost countless VO jobs as my voice is now, only capable of rasping down the microphone, making this new sound, that is so grotesque, it’s only suitable function is for character work, such a evil monsters or porn sites.

We’ve had to cancel our family break to Lanzarote this Christmas because I was too poorly and sick to board the plane.

That was a low point but then I went on to spend a further 2 whole days in January, with some random vomiting bug. This then chose to spread its carrot infested, chunky joy, throughout the whole family at respectable, 2 day intervals…creating itself into some sort, of sick bucket, relay race…and now I am on my third week of some sinusitis/cough pathetic-Itis that has forced me to seek out my duvet for refuge once more and I’m consequently now pouring what feels like my entire being, into toilet roll upon toilet roll.

I’m seriously debating taking up paper-mache, to see-if I could create some sort of giant, snot sculpture, worthy of the London,Tate museum.

This is ridiculous!

I’m eating healthy, dropping juice plus capsules left, right and centre, drinking so much hot honey and lemons, that I’m attracting the local bee population and attempting to sleep as much as possible (in a family that currently lives on a building site…another story) but I’m sooo bored!

Boooooo 😢

Frustrated is definitely becoming my go to , description word right now.

I have stuff to do!!!!

This is not working for me.

I’m getting grumpy, resentful and possibly overdosing on the self-pity party for one-tunes, currently emanating out of my Sonos speakers.

The problem is, I have finally found myself with a career that I love, I’m good at and I get paid well for.

On top of that, it works around my crazy Doris syndrome (Richard (hubby) has kindly renamed my Dysautonomia), which means it isn’t affected from my in ability to remain standing up, the aches, pains and fatigue stuff that haunts me on a daily basis, plus…I can also do it in my pj’s, with cup of tea in hand and duvet in tow and my family doesn’t end up resenting me!!! as it’s a only a couple of hours, here and there that fit around our crazy family life.

But now…now…it feels like the gods are crapping on me from a great height and cursing me with this bloody cold that will simply, not bugger off!!!

So sorry.

I’m not normally one for getting angry and throwing all of my toys out the pram but I’m seriously pi**ed off!!

I love my Voice over job. I gain such a wonderful sense of pride and self worth from it. I make good money and I feel as though I’m really contributing to our household.

If I had any other career, then having a scratchy voice and a stuffy nose is no big deal, unpleasant but most jobs don’t grind to a holt, just because you have to stop and blow your brains out, every 5 minutes…nope…one simply carries lots of tissues, downs a couple of paracetamols and wanders around, with a small string quartet, playing softly in the background for a couple of days.

But since my body has deemed to bless me with, ‘fall on your face at random times-anomia’ (and all its crazy tag along friends), ‘normal’ jobs are not an easy fit for me.

So I voice over.

I’m actually a qualified Hypnoterrorist and NLP trainer by profession but my ability to see clients on a weekly basis, fell out with my brain, a couple of years ago and this VO work is the closest thing I have found, similar to the pleasure I derived from my mental acrobats, I enjoyed performing whilst I worked as a Life coach.

But now, nothing…I’m phlegm bound, my brain is submerged under inches of claggy fluid and the world is once more turning without me.

God I’m such a drama queen…hahaha!

Seriously though, when will it end????

I have googled and discovered Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in with ones honey and Lemon maybe the way forward…

…wish me luck!

…Aaahhhchhhooooooo 😷😷😷🥺🤧🤧🤧🙁🤪💕

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