Diary- Boob Flash

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Ahh the wonders of technology.

Isn’t wonderful that you can now have your iMessages pop up, onto your computer screen, to be accessed anytime, even whilst at work.

 So should your wife decide to send you a lovely little message, you can instantly read about how loved and appreciated you are and reply instantly.

However when you work in a small office, with your house literally, above the said work space and you decide to go up for a little break and rest (as it’s been a long day) into your private bedroom upstairs and whilst there, decide to maybe send your hubby a cheeky, little, naked boob shot…
You don’t always think to expect them to pop up, large as life onto his office computer screen…whilst he is away getting coffee…and your new work partner (3 weeks) Steve is walking passed and gets a full eyeful…both barrels…full disclosure…no where left to look!!!!!
Richard walks back in and shouts…”OMG, don’t look at my screen…look away Steve!” And bless him, tries desperately to protect my honour and goes off on some feeble cover up rant, blaming the image on some friend spamming him with rude photos…bless him.
Sadly it didn’t do much to cover up the fact that iMessage kindly also likes to begin each post, with a lovely big title of…message from Kathy Mathers…
So despite texting…’make sure Steve doesn’t look’…imagine how I feel when I get a receive a message back saying…


Nope, no escape…the only option left now is hide it out…perhaps I may surface sometime in the new year…I don’t really need to be physically present in the company anyway.
Silent partner…yup…thats the way forward…Ahhhh nut sacks!!! ☹️
So after chatting this dilemma through with Richard, I have bravely decided that the only option left to me, is to proudly take ownership of them. Come clean…and admit to being the one, spamming my husband with domestic porn.
God I want to die…still i guess it’s a good work foundation story, to one day…many many years down the line…look back upon this moment and laugh…sigh…
I’m not really feeling it yet!
Bleugh…thank god I didn’t send it as a group message!!! Like the time I was planning Richards, secret, 40th birthday do and I hadn’t realised that Richard was an active part of the messaging group I used… to share all of the details of the party with!
Bloody idiot. I would so make the worlds worst spy!
Right I’m off to claim my breasts…I wonder who will drop eye contact first? wish me luck!!!
Ohhh the shame ☹️😳😳😳😳😳😂🤣😂🤣🤪
Ps…progress update.
1) I chickened out of a face to face admission of guilt and texted Steve in the end!
2) Steve saw through Richards cover up story and knew the boobs were mine but apparently Richard gets 10/10 for thinking on his feet.
3) I still haven’t found the courage to leave my room yet!!!
If any of you have any embarrassing stories that you would like to share, please feel free to comment below and we can wallow in our mutual shame!!😊x

One thought on “Diary- Boob Flash

  1. I think I need to be allowed the privilege of a short speech, at a gathering at some point in the future!!.. fantastic ice breaker 😂😱😉

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