Diary entry- Half term Holiday

I’ve decided to try and keep a diary as well as my blog posts. 😊

This has been written in chunks by the way, so may change in its timings x

The Mathers are off to Disney Land Paris!! Whoo hooo xxx


pink white and purple light up disneyland castle
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

And even Hamish is coming too!!!! Yay  to having an extra pair of hands along for the ride.

Well we did it. We somehow managed to get packed up, board the whole family into the car and we only forgot a few essential items.

The drive to Bristol airport was pretty smooth and we’ve so far managed to stay iPad free the whole way (massive achievement for someone like me who often battles with my inner need to pacify). Instead we played the 1 sentence story making game, (where everyone takes turn to make up one line of a story and we go round and around, the story growing sillier until eventually someone chooses to end it), we also had a game of my favourite anything…Harry was trying to get Elizabeth to guess a tardigrade????? Otherwise know as a microscopic Water bear…only my 7 year old!!!🤪😂 he’s such a budding nerd…I adore him. Needles to say she didn’t work that one out but it was briefly funny.

Then we had a brief misunderstanding when Harry was discussing tinker bell with the family and how lovely she must be to spread her magic and sprinkle dust over everyone in Disney and Richard begins sniggering from behind the drivers wheel. Curious I ask, “What’s so funny?,”

“Nothing”…he smirks, then laughs again.

“What?” I ask once more.

“It’s completely inappropriate.” Richard replies.

“Go on,” I say, “out with it”.

“I thought…” he chuckles,”I thought Harry had said Sphincter not sprinkle (Harry has a minor speech impediment), so I’ve been picturing a fairy going around throwing Sphincter dust on everyone in Disney land!🤣😂”

Well that was it… I was in hysterics. Then obviously all the gang in the back wanted to know what was going on and because of my choice to be constantly open and honest with the kids, I decide to tell them exactly, word for word, what Daddy had said;

“What is a sphincter?” Asks Harry.

“Well darling”, I carefully reply,” it’s a muscle in your body, that is a part of your bottom and it helps you to control your poo and stops you from having accidents.”

Well that was it… the car was alive with sniggering, cackles of laughter and inappropriate toilet humour…”does that make her a poo fairy then?”, “could we call her stinkerbell???” “Hello I’m tinker and this is my smelly cousin, called sphincter bell…” and so it went on and on, until Elizabeth started to become defensive over the honour of her precious Disney fairy’s and we were forced to stop.

So that was an insight into our journey to the airport. 

We finally arrived, circled the roundabout for a couple of times, whilst we worked out where the ‘meet and greet’ area was (signs would be helpful Bristol?!x) and then rolled into the terminal. Me in my electric wheelchair, (that still prefers to pull to the left, making my steering more than a little wonky. It’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it), Harry in his manual, powered by the lovely Hamish and all of us precariously stacked, with our own individual luggage tower…not going to talk about easyJet’s new restricted luggage policy 😡😡🤬

Did you know it is only, just as quick to fly from Bristol to Paris, as it is to fly Newquay to Bradford airport?!? An hour…that’s it!!! By the time they had come down the aisle offering coffees and teas and tidied away again, we were touching down into Paris.

“I’m going to see Mickey!!” Shouts Harry.

“We’ve got to find our way to the hotel first!” Richard replies. 

We all pile off the plane, pick up the hire car and head off into France (after a couple of turns around the Paris airport roundabout, just to make sure 🤣).

After a little confusion as to which side of the road the French drive on, a few last minute turns and only one or two misdirections, we arrive at the hotel. It’s not a ‘Disney hotel’ per say but it’s recommended by Disney and considering our budget needed to stretch to 3 adults and 2 kiddies, it was definitely the best shout. However Richard and I had read one or two of the reviews before leaving the airport and it was all starting to sound worryingly, dodgy. So upon arrival, just to be safe, we left the kids in the car with Amy, checked in and dived upstairs to quickly scan the accommodation. Phew…

It was okay. Bunk beds downstairs (kids can go in there), sofa bed in the lounge for Amy and some steps upstairs to the bedroom…hmm steps…not my favourite but I can always go up and down on my bum and it means Richard and I get some privacy 😉 and worst case scenario Richard and I can always swap with Amy.

Good…not a sparkly hotel room by any stretch of the imagination but good enough for what we need.

We dump our bags, grab the Disney passes and jump back into the car.

Disney land Paris…here we come!!!

€70 for Hamburgers!!!!!! A meal for 5 (3 adults, 2 kids) people is €70, at a fast food joint by the park. Richard is looking quite pale…we may need to rethink our budget. Chew slowly kiddies…

However despite the extortionate prices, the children are bouncing. Elizabeth is betting everyone on which Disney character we will spot first, the kids have bagsied The royal Mice, Hamish is, Donald Duck, Richard is Stitch and I’ve guessed Princess Jasmine.

But we’re all wrong, as Pluto waves us all into the park whilst being rewarded with ‘cheers’ and ‘yippees’ from the kiddlies.

“I want to go to the Magic kingdom!!!” Says Richard…hahaha only joking…says the kids.

We enter the park and it’s completely decked up to the nines for Halloween. We have pumpkins hanging off every street corner, shadows of the Mickeys gang dressed up for trick or treating and giant plastic Disney ghosts everywhere (along with Disney style, ghostly moaning and wailing, being pumped through the sound system). The place really does look fantastic…I do love Disney.

We pop into the city hall and grab our fast passes (not going to lie but there are definitely times that being a little bit different has its perks!😳😊 it’s probably completely un PC to say that but I’m not going to lie to you. Even Elizabeth was stating, “I don’t think I mind you and Harry being disabled now mummy…we get to go to the front for everything.” Ahh the fickleness of babes). So yes, we had magic passes, that meant our queuing was drastically shorter (which is good because I don’t thing any of us could have managed the 45 minute standing wait for the rides…half term hell) and we are using them to full advantage. 

We have terrified Harry with the Snow White ride (who’d have thought,  that his poor literal brain just couldn’t cope with the wicked witch, popping up all over the place), we’ve squashed Ourselves into a couple of flying Dumbos. Elizabeth dragged Daddy and I onto spinning teacups and laughed as we attempted to weave our way back to my wheelchair 😳🤣🤪🤢

Then the temperature dropped, the yawning began and an agreement of, one last ride on the carousel, before we left was agreed upon (I sat that one out).

Elizabeth quickly clambered up some grand looking pony, Hamish the midget had to boost herself from the stirrups of one horse and vaulted herself up onto the back of another (and then had to cling on for dear life!🤣😊). Big strong Daddy hoisted Harry on-top off his chosen pony and held him lovingly throughout the ride, pulling on his ears and patting the plastic horsey in support…sigh…muscly husband#doting father#soppywife.

3 turns on the carousel and it was all over (which of we had waited for 25 minutes to go on, would have left me feeling more than a bit grumpy but as it was, I was actually grateful for the quick exit).

With heavy feet and tired kiddlies we head ed out of the park and In search of food…Pizza!!!!

After one pepperoni, one margarita and a vegetarian pizza later we are €65 lighter (this is going to be an expensive trip) but feeling a lot happier with tummies full, pjs then on and within 10 mins of hitting the pillow, the kids are out cold.

We did it, we made it and we have conquered Disney. One day down…only another 6 to go 😳😳😳

I can’t promise I will diary every day as it takes me ages to write without being tugged upon by kids or husbands but I should be able to gather the snippets.

As for anything thoughtful and profound…pah!!! I’m in survival mode…Disney style…think cargo gear with Mickey Mouse ears.

Doris x

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