Diary Entry- Day 2 of Disney and we’ve broken Harry 😳


Disney day 2


Second day of Holibobs and I think we may have broken Harry…oh my god what a day. 

So today we have chosen to explore Hollywood studios at Disneyland Paris. The sun is shining, it’s pretty warm (despite being late October) and our rucksack is bulging with all the picnic food we stole from brekkie (you can always tell a Britt on holiday. Each British mum is sat on her own table, like a possessive hen, within the restaurant. Her plate piled high with bread rolls, cheese, ham and sticky pastries, preparing for the day ahead and feeding as many of her brood for as little as possible. I later discovered the only down side to this fantastic, cheapskate plan of mine is, the bright, red tissue napkins, (provided kindly by the restaurants) also happen to have the tendency to become glued to their buttery/ cheesy companions within the bag.

So although I produced my foraged picnic with pride, before we could bite into our tasty free morsels, we first had to spend a little bit of time, picking bits tissue paper off the seam of them…yummy😳🤪😂)

So into the studio we all ventured.

Harry and I bozzing around in our 4 wheeled chariots, Elizabeth riding along with me and the other two pootling on behind.

I don’t know if it’s just that one becomes less visible when your in a chair or actually my experience is no different to every vertical individual out there. But there are so many people who’s behaviour is just blooming rude and more than a little inconsiderate.

One can be wheeling, happily along and a random body will just coming hurtling across the front of you. People stop suddenly and glower at me, if I ask them to  move, incredibly nicely I may add (I am a very passive aggressive person…I do not like confrontation…at all!!!) and others simply push you out of the way as Harry and I slowly make our way around to and from rides…Actually it occurs to me as I write this, that I don’t believe it’s a disabled thing at all…nope…probably just a cattle mentality.

But I do find it strange (maybe a bit like the road rage phenomena) For some reason, you can take perfectly reasonable human beings and condence them from the singular into a massive hoard of people (a crowd) then squeeze them into a small tiny space and feed them a lot of sugar and caffeine. Then for a laugh, make them stand around in 45minute queues for a 2 minute ride and charge them €4 for a glass of water?!?!?!???? Sit back and watch the tempers begin to rise. I bet scientist would have a field day if they studied human behaviour in a Disney environment! I wonder if it would be something channel 4 would be interested in filming??? Hahaha

As I say all this, you may get the impression that I feel a tiny bit resentful towards Disney and may wonder, why on earth I would choose to visit.

Please don’t get me wrong, I love Disney!!! I love the music, the brightly coloured plastic, the imagination and the magic. I’m a happy ever after girl at heart and I love spending the day with my own personal Disney soundtrack playing. I (like so many) simply struggle with the unnecessary expense  and the fact that the corporation sometimes gets in the way of the dream.

Richard and I were talking whilst enjoying  our €10 coffee (I’ll admit it, the cost of everything, leaves me feeling a little sore). Imagine what the world would be like if Disney embraced a more natural and sustainable way of life. If Disney backed the local produce, fully recyclable packaging, healthy and nutritious food and practiced in its theme parks what I believe it preaches in its film. Then, we humberly believe that the whole world would dramatically change for the better within a year…that is how influential we perceive Disney to be.

What do think Disney?? Fancy rising to the challenge?????

Anyhoo I digress…

So, first we visit Stitch in his spaceship and Harry was in stitches…(excuse the pun). The show interacted beautifully with the audience and the staff were all fully immersed in their roles. Out we all skip as a family, holding hands and sighing with contentment, then Doodles (Elizabeth) pipes up; “I haven’t done a ride yet mummy?” 

“Okay,” Richard replies, “let’s do the first ride we come across”.

And so we did…the Rock and Roller!!!!!

Well some of you maybe familiar with this particular ride, I however was not.

We queue, we make it to the front at which point Elizabeth is the first to bottle it, taking Hamish (Amy) with her for support ( Amy jumped at the chance)…so it’s just Richard, Harry and I. Then Harry asked the ride operator, “does it go upside down?”

“Yes,” replies the operator, “twice”.

Richard turns to look at me and says,”I do have a bad headache this morning, I can go if you really don’t want me to but to be truthful I think it may ruin me for the rest of the day.”

I sigh, look at my little man and reply, “okay, I’ll take him”.

Harry and I are strapped into this cart thing. Neither of us can see each other as we both have these massive, thick black harness thingys in the way. If I strain round, I can just see the tips of Harry’s blond curls popping up around the harness but I can reach across and hold his hand…so I do and we wait…I expect the gentle ascension up the hill before we drop into the abyss…the traditional beginning to any good rollercoaster…the appetiser before you launch into your spicy main course.

That, however is not what  happened…nooooooooooo it did not.

Instead Harry and I are immediately catapulted into the blackness with rock music blaring loudly into our ears. My heart pretty much stops and consciousness dangles somewhere in the outer realms of my brain. Then my mummy flags go up, if I feel this bad, then how on earth, is Harry coping?

All I can see is this bunched up head of curls, hidden within the depths of his harness somewhere…there is nothing I can do to rescue him but wrap my legs over his and pat his hand gently to remind him, I’m there with him. “It’s okay Harry, I’m here, we’re going to be okay.” I close my own eyes and pray that we make it out the other side. (dramatic yes but seriously if you’d been there…holly mother of god!!!)

The music continues to blare, disco lights flash and harry and I hurtle through the darkness, jolted this way and that, turned upside down and back again, till eventually it stops and we are left waiting in the darkness, in the tunnel .

I crane my head round to a small, white faced, quivering bottom lipped, little boy. “Are you okay honey?” And with watery eyes, he looks up at me and nods…no words just a gentle up and down  of his curly, blond head. 

“Harry,” I say tentatively, “I’m not sure if we are not going to have go around on this ride again… we may not be finished yet.”

His eyes look at me with fear but then he nods his little head again, screws up his face and hunkers back down into his harness, his eyes tightly squished shut…

We begin to move again…

I take a deep breath and thankfully, we pull into the entrance.

Phew…it’s actually over!!!

We’re alive but slightly traumatised!!!


Richard takes one look at us both from the other side of the barrier, talks to the attendant and leaps over and runs to the cart.

“Are you both okay?”

Neither of us speak, we just nod our heads up and down.

Richard bends down and lifts Harry out and helps him into his chair, then comes back for me.

“When I saw you both take off, I didn’t know what state you’d be in when you got back and you do look a little pale”, he says with concern in his voice.

“That is not a normal rollercoaster!!!” I mutter as I get off the stupid ride (it’s actually an awesome ride if you are prepared and an adrenaline junky).

“Sorry,” he replies. I smile, we all made the decision to go on and we’re okay but I’m aware we need to get Harry outside and touch base with him.

“We are so proud of you Harry!” We all say. He tearfully nods his head and says, “it was really scary, not just a little scary but big, I’m going to fall out of this scary!” And then he bursts into tears and sobs his little heart out. Bless him. He was pale, shaking and broken in that moment. He snuggles and sniffs into his Daddy’s big arms and eventually, the sobbing moves into soft little hiccups and a lot of sniffing.

“Do you think I can have a sweetie for being so brave?” He asks (he could have asked for an Xbox in that moment and we probably would have agreed).

“Of course you can honey…shall we also go and get a nice hot chocolate?”

“Okay,” he sniffs “I think, though that I definitely don’t want to do that again today…in fact no more scary rides at all today. I need to wait at least another day before I go back on that ride.”

“You don’t have to ever go back on that ride again Harry.” Richard says to him, whilst we wander to the nearest cafe.

“I do want to try it again, just not today and when I do…I think you should come with Daddy, so you can have a turn and see what if feels like!”

Richard face pales and he feebly says, “ if that’s what you want Harry, then okay.”

“But not today daddy”.

“No…perhaps not today”. Replies Richard

…I chuckle quietly to myself! 

Mwahahah xzz

One thought on “Diary Entry- Day 2 of Disney and we’ve broken Harry 😳

  1. Knowing you guys so well, I can really relate to your roller coaster of emotions in this situation (sorry but the pun was unavoidable)…Pales my ride with Harri at Dingles into insignificance lol. Take care x

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