Poem-An Elephant in my tree

animal eye
Photo by Flickr on Pexels.com

It was on a Wednesday, 

at about quarter past three.

That my neighbour came rushing, 

around to see me.

“Have you looked”,

“Have you seen?”

She shouted at me.

“What’s the matter?”, I asked

“What do you want me to see?”

“Out there! Come and look,

Just look up, at that tree!”

Well I couldn’t believe it,

This doesn’t happen to me!

But yes, there it was.

On a branch in my tree.

An elephant was sitting,

And he was waving at me.

“There’s an elephant sitting, there, up in my tree!”

I couldn’t believe it?

How could this possibly be?

“We should get it down?

Said my neighbour to me.”

Then I noticed the elephant was

summoning me.

“Mr Elephant, did you want to see me?”

“Could I please”, he said, “have a nice cup of tea?”

“A cup of tea?” I replied.

“Up there, in my tree?”

“Yes, The views are spectacular, you must come and see.”

“Oh, with pleasure” I said, “is there room there for three?”

“Of course “he replied, “please come up and join me.”

I rushed back inside,

boiled the kettle for tea.

My neighbour stood stuttering, and asked dazedly.

“What is happening here, I don’t really see?”

“We’re having a party. 

You, the elephant and me.”

“A party? Are you mad?

In the branch of that tree”

“What better place is there, to sit and slurp tea?”

“Fetch me the cups and enough cake, for three.”

“Oh…we may need a ladder,” she replied back to me.

“Good thinking!” I said, “Have you got a hand free?”

“The ladder’s in the shed, 

could you find it for me?”

So off we both went, grabbing ladders and tea.

And climbed up the trunk, to have a party for three.

“The elephant was right, 

there is so much to see.”

My neighbour exclaimed,

as she sat next to me.

“Watch out for that branch”, said the elephant to me.

It might break with the weight, of you, me and thee.

“Oh nonsense,” I said,

“This be a mighty strong tree”

I grew it myself, 

from an acorn you see!”

So the three of us sat, munching cake, drinking tea.

As happy as any, could be in a tree.

Then the elephant smiled and he said happily,

“This really has been, the best day for me.”

But then something creaked and groaned noisily.

And with a loud,


We tumbled out of the tree.

Down we all fell, with a bump and ”Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!”

“That was jolly good fun”, said the elephant with glee.

“Maybe for you but it wasn’t for me”

I said with a grump, as I rubbed my bruised knee.

“Nonsense”, he said 

“I must disagree!”

“How else should an elephant, 

Get down from a tree?”

Doris, 2018

One thought on “Poem-An Elephant in my tree

  1. ….. and we all bloomin well love you for being the vibrant, mad,loving Doris you are!! Loved, loved, LOVED the poem. It gave me my first big smile of the day! Miss you. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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