Poem-A Shamans Prayer

bonfire photo
Photo by Jens Mahnke on Pexels.com

Come stand in the circle,

Hold your drum to the sky.

And beat for the souls, 

that are too bound to die.

Drum hard for those people,

afraid to open and see.

Remember their fear,

For that once too was me.

Together as sisters

and brothers we stand.

Around our souls fire,

On mother earths, hand.

Sing loudly our stories,

the lessons, the need.

But die first my children,

Let go and take heed.

Bring death to the ego,

It’s whispering voice.

Death to illusions,

That fate isn’t a choice.

Death to the shadows,

and the fears held within.

Die with me, my children.

Let our souls dance begin.

Doris 2018

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