I’m a celebrity…

What I want to know is, where are all the middle hitters lurking on Facebook? Not the almighty I’m smashing life, achieving my far away goals, epic parent, lover and all round bad ass. Nope don’t want to hear from you right now…Neither am I talking about the woe is me, life is kicking my ass, I’m drowning, nobody understands or has it as terrible as me sort either. No I want to know where the Joe average is hanging out. Mr or Miss/Mrs I had an okay day, ate probably one too many packet of crisps on the way home, shouted at my kids a bit,  because they kept talking over me, whilst I tried to croon to my favourite tune on the radio on the way home. Kinda slightly awesome but definitely not always epic, I’m trying to shift a few pounds and I can now get into my favourite jeans (as long as I lie down on the floor when I do them up and don’t expect to eat or breathe at anytime throughout the evening), people…you…where are you…you is my people! 

Stand proud middle of the roaders…let’s celebrate being epically, average! Woohoo…nothing dropped off today…I managed to make it to work on time and someone actually smiled at me on the train today, little high five to self🤚🏻

I’ve not written a book, or become promoted, engaged, pregnant, divorced, diagnosed with something rare and exotic with only 3 minutes to live…(not devaluing any of those events for others by the way…all incredibly important and worth a mention but for the tone of this post, I’m currently just focusing on the more simpler less traumatic aspects of life) just simple, normality at its best. 

I got to clean up cat wee off the carpet, again this evening and I did it all by myself, without gagging once…yay me kinda topics.

Why is it we have to go big or go home? I like duvet days, they can be quite comforting given there place. Why do we need to make out that our life is like a Hollywood trailer, complete with sound track, glamour background scenery and body oil? 

I understand that most of us feel the need to feel appreciated and supported at times and honestly, I believe that it’s really important to do that for one another. I know I’m certainly one for turning my focus towards the approving nods from others and perhaps that’s what’s truly feeding my ramblings now.

Why do I need approval? Nope that’s not quite right…acknowledgment…is actually what I’m often looking for from others and I don’t truly understand it. Why do I feel the need to continuously check my Facebook notifications for the next hour, once I’ve posted something marginally interesting or amusing. Checking how many people have liked or commented on my dancing cat post, as if somehow their digital recognition of my existence will make a dent on my ability to cope with my own day to day life. It’s baffling really. Most of these people who are my ‘friends’, I haven’t actually seen or spoken to in 20 years and some of them, if I’m super honest (always dangerous) probably never liked me 20 years ago either! It’s weird…but I don’t think I’m alone.

At a time where we are constantly in communication with the world and merely fingertips away from one another, no matter the geographical boarders, I believe we are now more distant, more estranged and lonelier, than we have ever been as a society and god knows how people date these days, swipe left, swipe right and that’s just for the foreplay.

I miss getting together in a local pub, arranging to go shopping and knowing that everyone will probably show up because there was no way of letting each other know that you were planning on bailing last minute. So we didn’t and often we were glad we didn’t because actually hanging out with your buddies was loads more fun than staying in to watch Britain’s got talent. 

It’s okay to not be a celebrity, to not be famous and have the world following every single one of your typed words and deeds on twitter.

It’s okay to be you, it’s okay to celebrate the little victories, the real ones. The silent challenges of getting up in the morning and getting your family up and dressed and off to school on time…celebrating the fact for the first time in two weeks your underwear matches and you have managed to shave both your armpits…hooray…you go girl!!! Whoop x (I maybe over reaching here a tad). What if just existing and feeling pretty okay for most of the day is achievement enough? 

Well, I salute you average person, with your average life and all of your wonderful mini average achievements. 

Today I am going to be good enough and I’m okay with that…for the time being anyway…until I check in with Facebook x2239565B-73F0-4788-B1C0-448505B5CEDA.jpeg

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