And so it begins…

cropped-ace4d61c-c50c-4d5a-a41f-4aed14fd071c3.jpegI’ll be honest, I found the art of writing so much easier to master, whilst it was still just a movie playing within my imagination. Actually attempting to put my many, incoherent thoughts down, in a literal format, is proving soooo much harder than Bridget Jones had previous led me to believe!

Yet here we are. Well truth be told, here I am, alone, tucked under my duvet, with the companionship of the lightly snoring, midget, Maine Coon (Chloe the cat) for inspiration.

I haven’t started this blog for media acknowledgement or to give my mother, ‘something to show off to’ at ‘book club’. (Anyway my use of spellings and grammar are so diabolically poor, I would actually prefer it, if the more accademically minded readers, would kindly cease reading this post immediately and go in search of ‘The Sunday Times’ or something like it…perhaps a bit of Jane Austin or some Dan Brown?)

No, I’m writing this, because finally at the tender of age of 38 years (still not 40!!), I think I may have something to say.

I live with 2 beautiful, crazy children (Elizabeth, 8 years and Harry, & 7 years), the worlds smallest Maine Coon ever, Chloe, A smelly, white retriever called Woody, my incredibly lovely and patient husband, Richard and our ever calm and accepting PA/Carer/Housekeeper/Mary Poppins in training, Amy.

I also manage a Chronic health condition, known by its umbrella term as , Dysautonomia (Pots (postural tachycardia syndrome), EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrom-Hyper mobility or Wobbly collagen, as I like to call it), Vaso-vagal Syncope, Hemiplegic migraine (paralysis and stroke (Zombie) like symptoms rather than thunderous headaches), chronic IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), GERDS (Gastroesophageal reflux disease (posh way to say chronic heartburn)), Osteoarthritis in my lower spine and Systemic, Peripheral, Small fibre Neuropathy (different patches of my skin over my body, feels though its been covered in Tobasco sauce and set alight at random times throughout the day).

I also happen to spend about 50% of my life functioning from a wheelchair and have only once, so far…accidentally run over my dogs face with it (he was attempting to lick the front wheel at the time and I happened to roll over his lip whilst he was doing it 🤪 not intentional cruelty!! Just saying).

Wow there’s a mouthful! This is the only time (I think) that I will ever write down the whole list of everything that’s going on inside me in this blog. Although my health (or lack of) is a big part of who I am and in some ways the inspiration behind this blog, it is not who I am or how I wish to define myself to you or to myself but if we are to enter into a long term relationship together, it’s good to give you all a little bit of my back story but that’s all you’re getting for now. I need a least a bit of wine and whole lot of chocolate before I go into the WHOLE back story…

So as for writing today and the purpose of my blog. Well, it’s been something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time now but it’s always seemed too daunting before and the list of procrastinating excuses to long and easy to throw; ‘I don’t know how to build a website, I haven’t time to write a blog, I’m too illerterate to write a blog, seriously you’re boring, who would read it’ I bet you manage to keep this up for a week…a month tops,’ and that was just the stuff at the beginning. However something has started to shift in my perceptions recently and I don’t know if the magic 40 creeping ever closer has something to do with it but I’ve really started to give less of a ship (I swear a lot in real life but I think if I expect my mum or elderly relatives to read this, I’d better keep it on the cleaner side…I’ll save it for when I really furious at something 😊) about people’s opinions of me and seeking societies approval (I’m still however incredibly passive aggressive and do huff disapprovingly, when the need arises).

So there we are…it’s a beginning and one I will no doubt look back upon and cringe at writing, however I have to start somewhere and something that I am quickly learning is, ‘you don’t have to be great to begin but you do have to begin if you want to be great.’-Zig Ziglar






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