A voice sits within me, Desiring to be free. She whispers and she pleads, Desperate just to be. Courage, Now eludes her. Chased by words, She could never own. Longing for the moment, Her lips became her home. For her song to vibrate, Upon ears, prepared to hear. Seeking for acceptance, From the heart, that […]

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Poem- I am here

I stand at the top, with a mountain beneath me, It is not the first or the last, I will climb. I stand here alone, for that is all, that we can be. The price to be paid, to breathe this moment in time. Yet I stand unafraid, Though the wind may feel lonely And […]

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Precious moments

W My little girl is currently snuggled up in a ball, tucked up, underneath under her fathers giant duvet, fast asleep. She has spent the day throwing her little guts up, after succumbing to the latest winter bug of destruction.  I’m laying on the bed next to her, my bedside lamp is softly glowing in […]

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I wander through my darkness. The only footsteps are my own. The single voice, is within my head. Yet, I never walk alone.

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